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Two pieces of software are now available to download from the software section of the site.

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The “Eco-Derek” tool was designed to make semi-quantitative predictions of acute aquatic toxicity in Tetrahymena pyriformis using an adaptation of the reasoning in Lhasa Limited’s Derek program and an analysis of a published toxicity dataset that had been compiled and checked in an earlier part of the project.

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esting Strategies (ITS) for alternatives to animal testing (skin sensitisation and acute aquatic toxicity) have been compiled in a Windows-based interactive decision tool intended for risk assessors and researchers. The “ITS Adviser” is designed to encourage the uptake of alternative “non-test” methods by giving advice on their application.  It is primarily designed for use in the context of REACH, but may be useful for considering evaluations under other regulations or for company internal hazard/risk assessments.


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Inchemicotox results

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ITS Tool

Inchemicotox results

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