In Chemico Test Results

This project emphasises in chemico testing to determine relative electrophilic reactivity. This particular assay involves is the reaction of a test chemical with glutathione – for more details on the methods see the description of the assay click here.

The results of the in chemico assay are summarised in the documents Year 1 and Year 2.


SpeciesNon polar narcosisPolar narcosis
DocumentsTraining setDocumentsTraining set
Fathead minnowPDFXLS  TXTFathead-Minnow-Polar-Narcosis-QSAR_2012Fathead_Minnow_-_Polar_narcosis.  Fathead_Minnow_-_Polar_narcosis
Rainbow troutRainbow-Trout-Non-Polar-Narcosis_QSAR_2012Rainbow_Trout_-_Non_Polar_Narcosis.xlsx  Rainbow_Trout_-_Non_Polar_NarcosisRainbow-Trout-Polar-Narcosis-QSAR_2012Rainbow_Trout_-_Polar_Narcosis  Rainbow_Trout_-_Polar_Narcosis
Tetrahymena pyriformisTetrahymena-Pyriformis-Non-Polar-Narcosis-QSAR_2012Tetrahymena-Pyriformis-Polar-Narcosis-QSAR_2012


Cronin and Basketter Skin Sensitisation (GPMT/MSIAT) DatasetPDFXLTXT
Cronin et al. Chlorella vulgaris Algal Toxicity DatasetCronin_et_al_Chlorella_vulgarisCronin_et_al_Chlorella_vulgarisCronin_et_al_Chlorella_vulgaris
Gerberick et al. skin sensitisation (LLNA) datasetPDFGerberick_et_al_SKIN_SENS_LLNAGerberick_et_al_SKIN_SENS_LLNA.txt
NICEATM-ICCVAM Aqueous Solutions Skin Sensitisation (LLNA)NICEATM-ICCVAM_LLNA_Aqueous_SolutionsNICEATM-ICCVAM_LLNA_Aqueous_SolutionsNICEATM-ICCVAM_LLNA_Aqueous_Solutions
NICEATM-ICCVAM Inorganic Compounds Skin Sensitisation (LLNA)NICEATM-ICCVAM_LLNA_Inorganic_compoundsNICEATM-ICCVAM_LLNA_Inorganic_CompoundsNICEATM-ICCVAM_LLNA_Inorganic_Compounds
Roberts et al. skin sensitisation (LLNA) dataset of selected EINECS chemicalsRoberts_et_al_LLNARoberts_et_al_SKIN_SENS_LLNARoberts_et_al_SKIN_SENS_LLNA
Xue et al. Tetrahymena pyriformis DatasetXue_et_al_Tetrahymena_pyriformisXue_et_al_Tetrahymena_pyriformisXue_et_al_Tetrahymena_pyriformis

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