Why in chemico methods?

In chemico assessment of a substance is the measurement of its ability to “react” with biologically important molecules such as proteins and DNA. If we know that a molecule may, or may not, be reactive then it is a great assistance in making predictions of toxicity.

Organic and reaction chemistry is at the heart of our understanding of in chemico assessment. This is related directly to our understanding of mechanisms of toxic action i.e. the biochemical basis for a toxic event occurring.

Measurement of in chemico reactivity

Theory and background

A major effort in this project is to measure in chemico reactivity. This provides an assessment of whether a chemical can “react” with biological macromolecules such as proteins. Should a molecule be able to form a permanent bond (i.e. a covalent bond) with a protein it may stimulate an immunological response (such as skin sensitisation) or denature it (leading to greater lethal toxicity). Thus, an understanding of this phenomenon will assist in the identification of compounds capable of acting in this manner. click here for further information

Results from the in chemico assay

The in chemico assay is able to identify potentially reactive compounds as well as their relative potency. The results from the in chemico assays performed as part of this project are reported in the results section of this website.

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Inchemicotox results

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Inchemicotox results

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