Exposure to man-made chemicals is a source of great concern to the public. Therefore there is a need to provide the public with more information and reassurance, in the form of risk assessment, regarding the chemicals to which they are exposed.

In an effort to satisfy society’s desire to know more about the chemicals to which it is exposed, there is increasing legislative pressure to perform risk assessments on chemical substances. For instance the EU Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals (REACH) legislation will require the risk assessment of approximately 30,000 chemicals. Traditionally, risk assessment has involved the use of toxicological tests, some of which have included the use of animals.

REACH strongly promotes the use of non-test data, alternative methods and in silico predictions to perform risk assessment. Whilst many of these methods are well established scientifically in the literature, few strategies are available to make these assessments. Such strategies are termed Integrated (or Intelligent) Testing Strategies (ITS).

The aim of this project is to develop potential Integrated Testing Strategies for the replacement of animal tests to allow risk assessment of chemicals for the following endpoints:

  • Acute Fish Toxicity
  • Skin Sensitisation

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  • June 18th, 2012

    Software downloads now available

    Eco-Derek and ITS strategy software are now available to download from the software section of the site. Read more…

  • September 16th, 2010

    Inchemicotox launches improved website

    To coincide with the dissemination workshop at Leeds Armouries on the 17th of September, the inchemicotox project is pleased... Read more…

  • August 12th, 2010

    Workshop on Alternatives to Animal Testing – September the 17th 2010

    We are presenting the results of the Inchemicotox project at a one-day workshop on Friday the 17th of September. ... Read more…

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Inchemicotox results

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